Olsson Property Management Group Ltd, serves Calgary, Central and Southern Alberta, Its purpose is to bring a solution to all the many needs that remain unmet

throughout the property management industry.


Olsson is not here to blend in with the vast number of existing property management

companies throughout Calgary, Southern, and Central Alberta. 


We are here to stand out. We are here to set the standard in property management,

with our personalized service because no situation is the same. 


Our unbridled commitment to passionately serve our clients, to ensure their most

important needs are met, and with our strong sense of character, integrity, and honesty

we know that the future holds no bounds for the superior service that we provide.

We do understand that some situations are beyond what we can do, but what sets us

apart is that we will try anyway. 


We serve with integrity. We work with the utmost honesty and transparency,

building up our character.


Our goal is to make this experience one that can be shared with others.


Whether you need a company to assist in managing your investment properties,

renovate and remodel, or simply get your property repaired and back on the market,

we can help! We see a need and we provide a service for it. 


Olsson Property Management Group is here to assist even the most basic investor

with all their real estate endeavors.


Contact us today to discuss your property's needs.